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Home Restaurant Belfast – Policy on the distribution of tips and gratuities

In accordance with the best practice guidelines highlighted by the department for business innovation and skills we display and make readily available to all customers our policy with regards the distribution of tips and gratuities.

We have recently made the decision to add a discretionary service charge to all of our bills. Any gratuities offered are always greatly appreciated but are in no way expected.

We are committed to paying our staff at least the National Living Wage before tips and gratuities are taken into consideration. All gratuities distributed to staff are over and above this.

It is advised by the Department of Business and Innovation that companies take a percentage of total gratuities to cover administrative costs and breakages. We have decided this is unnecessary and would prefer 100% of any gratuities left by customers is distributed to the staff fairly.

All tips and gratuities are collected by, and any tax due to HMRC declared and paid by, an independent Troncmaster on behalf of all staff.

We feel very strongly that the running of a restaurant is a team effort and as such the tips and gratuities you choose to leave are divided evenly between front of house staff and kitchen staff. The gratuities received are distributed fairly based on hours worked and also on an individual’s contribution to the product served. This policy helps to reward those who contribute most to the high-quality experience we hope to offer.

This policy was decided in consultation with all of our staff. Any changes to the policy in the future must be agreed upon similarly.

If you have any further questions about our policies and procedures or would like to know more about how our Tronc scheme operates you can contact our Operations Manager by email at

Your loyalty and support are always appreciated,

Home Restaurant Belfast

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