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One of the Stand Out Vegan Restaurants Belfast has to Offer

We Even Cook to Order!

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If you are looking for fresh, tasty and homemade vegan food, Home offers the perfect menu to satisfy your appetite and your lifestyle choice. We focus on flavour, fresh, local produce and variety. Unlike many other vegan restaurants Belfast has that only offer select vegan items, we have an entire menu dedicated to vegans and vegetarians.

Being a vegan in Belfast doesn’t have to be a challenge—not when you have great tasting home cooked food in the heart of the city. Our vegan menu offers something for everybody and we ensure all vegan foods are stored and prepared in a dedicated area away from any meat or dairy produce. We understand how important being a vegan is to you, so we will go out of our way to ensure your total peace of mind when ordering at our vegan restaurant.

Limp Salads Are History—Our Vegan Menu Uses Fresh, Local Produce

We believe our vegan customers deserve something a little more fulfilling, vibrant and delicious than a soggy salad or a bland tofu dish. Salads and tofu are still star attractions on our vegan menu, but these are dishes full of bite, zing, flavour and creativity. We only use fresh, local produce at our vegan restaurant in Belfast.

If you have been finding it difficult to get good quality vegan food in Belfast, make us your number one choice. “Come Home” whenever you get a little peckish and, want a warm welcome and delicious food. We have the best vegan menu in Belfast and are constantly looking at ways to offer more choice. You can be sure of great value for money too.

Super salads, fabulous falafel and delicious dhal are just some of the foods you can enjoy from our vegan menu. Fresh vegan food really doesn’t get any better than this. You can be sure of a meal that will be remembered for a very long time.

Come Home for the Best Vegan Menu in Belfast

Looking for some fantastic vegan food to satisfy your craving for fresh, colourful and truly vegan dishes? Interested in some vegan food fast? Why not pop into the Home deli for the same fresh taste, delicious breakfast and lunch to go?

For delicious vegan food in Belfast, there’s no place like Home. Give us a call on 02890 234946 or use our online reservation form.